Custom Slot Cars

Ferrari 308 360 312 575 F555

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Black Test Car Customized

312PB Test Car

Racing Sloter
Made to Order 73

Sidewinder MotorLightweight interior and bodyAlloy Wheels

Gulf Ferrari Cartrix

F555 Gulf

Made to Order 99

Inline MotorMagnetraction

Jack Daniels Ferrari Cartrix Customised

F555 Jack Daniels

Made to Order 99

Inline MotorMagnetraction

Ferrari 308 GTB Mini Mille Miglia

308 GTB

Made to Order 82

Sidewinder MotorMagnetractionFront and Rear lightsSelf centering quick change guide

Digital Plug Ready

Revell Easy Kit Customized

360 7 of 9

Revell Easy Kit
Made to Order 37
Slot.It version with HRS Sidewinder chassis
Made to Order 79

carrera 575 Bacardi Custom

575 Bacardi

Made to Order 65

Inline MotorDUAL Adjustable MagnetractionFront & Rear LightsReverse Polarity Switch (can run both ways round the track)

Customized Castrol

355 Castrol

Pro Slot
Made to Order 59

Sidewinder Motor

Ninco Goes Orange

360 Jagermeister

Ninco Kit
Made to Order 89

Anglewinder NC5 MotorMagnetractionAlloy wheels